Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Super Easy Dinner: Pork Chops with Apples and Sage

When I first met the hubby, I was a good baker, but couldn't cook much beyond scrambled eggs. Fresh out of Fordham University (in Manhattan) where I'd survived almost entirely on the offerings of our local diner, The Olympic Flame (not to be confused with The Flame just around the corner), I wasn't aware that any New Yorkers actually cooked for themselves. The hubby, then the new boyfriend, had a few years on me and knew his way around a kitchen. He suggested I cook dinner for him one night - yeah, he's always been like that - and I bought some chicken breasts and lemons and hadn't a clue what to do beyond that. Well, that evening, the boyfriend came waltzing through the door and showed me how to whip up lemon chicken - delish!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Entertaining: Jelly Cake

Every Christmas Eve, my grandmother, aka Grandmommie, throws a dinner party. My entire family comes as do all of my grandmother's friends. Of course, Grandmommie just celebrated her 96th birthday so, over the years, as the number of grandchildren and great grandchildren have increased, sadly the number of Grandmommie's friends and older family members have passed on. However, at 96, Grandmommie has never been one to act her age. In fact, I'm not even supposed to know her age. None of us are. It's probably a punishable offense that I am plastering the big 96 all over the Internet.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Entertaining: Spicy Caramel Popcorn Goody Bags

Until this year, I always depended on my parents or my in-laws to get us in the holiday spirit. They decorated, they hosted, they provided piles of presents. I never considered hosting or putting up a Christmas tree and my husband, who is Jewish, doesn't even remember when Hanukkah is. We depended on our families to keep us in line and tell us when and where to be and we happily showed up.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Comfort Food: Potato Crusted Quiche

For three weeks running I've been writing about comfort foods. From Jelly Omelettes to Shepherd's Pie, the hubby and I, in agreement with baby girl of course, have been on a rampage of warming, familiar dishes that make you want to curl up in a big comfy chair in front of a fire. Or, in our case, a long camel colored couch in front of a TV. In the coming weeks I'll be sharing with you my favorite recipes for the holidays and for entertaining, but bear with me one more week for yet another fantabulous comfort creation.


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