Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Killer Sandwich: Robusto on Baguette

Baby girl's amazing nanny has been out for the last six weeks with an ankle injury. While I work from home, meeting deadlines with a toddler running all over town isn't easy. I've been working every minute of her naptime and staying up late into the night. While it's been stressful, there's been an incredible up side to having baby girl all to myself these past several weeks: we've had a great time.

On the cusp of her second birthday, baby girl's exploding with language and curiousity and she's even started helping me in the kitchen with small tasks here and there. While I canned strawberry preserves, baby girl screwed the lids onto extra jars. While I made puffed pastry, baby girl was at my side with her own bowls of flour and several mixing cups. She now knows the difference between a spatula and a whisk, the food processor and the mixer. We make quite the team.

Baby girl and I've also been enjoying lunch together, something that we didn't often do before. About a month ago, one of you wonderful readers left a comment on the Best Pasta Ever post suggesting an interesting idea for a sandwich consisting of Robusto cheese (an aged Gouda), basil and lemon juice on a baguette. I hadn't had a chance to try it out, but baby girl and I decided to give it a go last week and, um, it's killer. The sharp cheese melted on a baguette with basil leaves and lemon juice squeezed on top makes for a sophisticated and very easy version of grilled cheese. Baby girl was a fan too, peeling the cheese and basil off to eat separately before diving into the warm and chewy baguette. This has become a lunchtime staple in our house.

Thank you, Anonymous!! We love it and hope you'll suggest more recipes for me to try. And to everyone else, I'd love to try any and all recipes you think I might like. Please do send them my way!!

Sandwich: Baguette with Robusto Cheese, Basil and Lemon Juice
(Don't know that a proper recipe will do this justice since the measurements are really up to you and your taste buds.)

What You'll Need:
One fresh baguette from the bakery
Robusto Cheese (other sharp melty cheeses will work if you can't find Robusto)
Several basil leaves lightly torn
Fresh lemons

Cut the baguette in half lengthwise and then into four to six inch sections. Depending on the length of your baguette you'll get about 6 pieces of bread. Then cover each piece of bread with one layer of thinly sliced cheese. Set under the broiler until the cheese is melty and bubbling and the toast is browning. Remove from the pan, plate and top each sandwich with basil leaves and a healthy squeeze of lemon juice. After that, you're ready to chow down. So simple and so yummy. Enjoy!


  1. That looks perfect. Thanks for the idea. Nothing better than crusty bread and cheese, I say!

  2. Peggy, LOVE to see what you are doing! Thanks for reading my interview on The Writer's Inner Journey blog. So fun! Where do you live? I also co-own a wine bar in Nashville. Nashville is trying to get on the slow food wagon. A good friend heads the locacl chapter. Let me know what you think of my book! Whitney

  3. This looks so good. I will have to look for this cheese at the grocery store - I've never heard of it before.

  4. Peggy, Lucky baby girl to have you teach her so many fun things at such a young age. And lucky her to have you cook such delights for her as well!
    PS, Will you adopt me? :)

  5. Hee hee, thanks Sheryl! Baby girl does eat well and I'm lucky that she's pretty adventurous to boot.

    Marthaandme, I found robusto at Whole Foods if you have one near you. Or I imagine any shop that has a good cheese section would have it. Although, any sharp cheese would be tasty.

  6. Wow, I don't even like cheese (I know, I know, it's embarrassing for a food blogger to admit) but this looks GREAT. I used to live in a Greek neighborhood and saganaki (fried or broiled cheese w/lemon juice) always worked for me. Definitely going to try this.

  7. What an easy recipe! I will have to try as I love basil and strong cheese. I'll have to go to Whole Foods for the robusto though.

  8. This is great to look at, and tastes great as well I am sure!

  9. I can just imagine flavors together -- we'll have to try this. and good for you and your girl sharing good times as adventurous eaters [and bakers].



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