Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reader Pics: Photo Fabulous Pho

A couple weeks ago I wrote to you about Jaden Hair's amazing Beef Pho, aka Vietnamese beef noodle soup. I gushed and I gushed and this week my friend, Sarah, emailed me that she made it! Yippy! I love inspiring my friends, family and all of you out there to cook delicious things. Here's a picture she took (truly beautiful!! Wish I coulda used it for my original post!) and a little bit about her experience making Pho:

 "I did the parboiling step to get a lighter, clearer broth.  I was able to find the flat noodles in the gluten free section of the grocery store, so you might want to try there (sooo many rice pasta shapes available!)  And because I don't have the tolerance pho fresh chilies as a garnish, I put half a chili into the broth for the last hour of simmering just to give it a little heat.  It was sooo good. Its really raining here today and I'm really really looking phoward to going for a run in the rain after work, coming home and having a hot shower and settling down in front of the fire with a bowl of pho.  mmmm."
Thank you so much pho the inspiration!"
 So, if anyone else has made or is planning to make any dishes I share with you, please please please send me a picture and little bit about your experience to share with everyone.


  1. Yeah! you guys are both inspirations! If only I were closer to either (both) of you to eat that yummy-looking food.

  2. Wow, that DOES look good! I love it when friends/readers report back on their own experiences with my recipes. So much fun.



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